Sewing Blog List

65 Open Tabs on my Phone

As I’ve said before, I read sewing blogs quite a lot. I find them really interesting and useful for finding out techniques, patterns and ways of dealing with those little gotcha’s that the less experienced sewist doesn’t quite know how to handle. I very rarely find that the latest post someone has written is directly relevant to my current issue, but sometimes I am wondering how to tackle something, and hurrah, my brain comes up trumps and reminds me that a few months ago I read something about this and how to tackle it! I tend to read blogs on my phone on the train, and unfortunately the best way for me to remember all the blogs I like is to keep each one open in a different tab. I don’t tend to subscribe to blogs, as the notification that a new post is up means that I get on and read that post immediately – that means that when I’m on the train with nothing else to do I’ve read all the blog posts! Unfortunately the browser on my (rather old) smartphone has a tendency to crash, and as such, on a fairly regular basis, I need to try and remember all the sewing blogs I like.

In order to save myself this frustration, I’m going to record here my current list of sewing blogs. (Some of them aren’t pure sewing blogs – pretty much any fabric goodness is included at some point 🙂 ) I know there are others – I know there are some I’ve found, and enjoyed, but I can’t find again, and also some of the bigger ones that for some unknown reason I don’t tend to read! If you would like a blog to be added to the list (either yours, or one you enjoy reading) then please add it to the comments. They aren’t in any particular order, and I’ve not included any comments about the blogs, as my idea of a good blog may not agree with yours! I’m hopeful though, that this list will give us all some new discoveries to enjoy 🙂

Hmm, after I look at it like that, maybe the browser on my phone has a reasonable excuse for crashing!