How Many Feet Does One Girl Need?

32 New Sewing Machine Feet

As I discussed, I recently discovered that I wasn’t the owner of an invisible zip foot. I decided that the purple skirt was going to have a properly invisible zip, so I resolved that progress on the skirt was going to stop until I had said foot. Having a brother machine, my first step was to search online for a brother invisible zip foot. Finding this foot at approximately £12 I was hovering over the “buy” button, when I spotted a set of 32 presser feet, including an invisible zip foot for approximately the same price.

OK, so it’s coming from China, but surely I could wait a few weeks and work on another project? (see previous post about having purchased some pink wool material for a similar skirt, plus other projects that I will tell you about later.) Well, to cut a long story short, I decided to buy the set of feet, working on the theory that I would eventually work out what they’re all for, eventually. I had read that the feet were labelled in Mandarin, and I’m afraid my Mandarin is somewhat rusty (OK, so it’s non-existent if you’re being picky) and so working out what they’re all for would be something of a challenge.
A couple of weeks later, and this little beauty arrived through the post for me.

32 New Sewing Machine Feet

32 New Toys 🙂

Following on from Joy’s comment (below) here is a list of the names of all the feet. I’m starting at the top left:

Column 1:

Low shank darning foot; Adjustable bias binding foot; Darning foot; Low shank zipper foot; Knit foot

Column 2:

Blind stitch / Blind hem foot; Gathering foot; 2mm Rolled hem foot; 4mm Rolled hem foot; 6mm Rolled hem foot; Roller foot

Column 3:

Straight stitch foot; 1/4 inch Quilting foot; Overcasting / Overlocking foot; Satin stitch foot; 5 hole Cording foot; Edge / Stitch-in-the-ditch foot; Stitch guide foot

Column 4:

7 hole Cording foot; 8mm Rolled hem foot; Teflon foot; Clear open-toe / Clear embroidery foot; Open-toe / Embroidery foot; 3 hole Cording foot; Quilting foot

Column 5:

Fringe foot; Double welting foot; Braiding foot, Pearl / Piping / Cording foot; 9 groove Pintuck foot; 7 groove Pintuck foot, Invisible zipper / Concealed zip foot.

I progressed with the invisible zip, and investigated the purpose of the others. I found out the purpose of all of these feet from here – thank you Hazel, you have really helped me out! Names of feet added above as Hazel’s site is currently unavailable.

In the space of that one purple skirt I used the invisible zip foot, the double welting foot, and the stitch-in-the-ditch foot, so all in all, the set has paid for itself already! I’m not sure where or how I’m going to use all of these feet, but if I ever get to the stage where I have no projects planned, I am hoping to try each one out, and have a play. As and when I get around to trying these out, I will let you know how I got on. Oh wow, I’m so excited about these! I’m particularly excited about the gathering foot, the rolled hem feet, the cording feet and the fringing foot

A selection of new feet

Knit foot, Roller foot, Fringing foot, Gathering foot, Rolled hem foot and Pintuck foot

– I never even knew these existed! Do you have any tips for using these new exotic feet? Do you wonder how you ever lived without them?


    1. I also have this set of presser feet! I was so excited when I saw the link to Hazel’s info, but it has expired!! Can someone send me the info about the feet? I am very happy I ran across both your blog’s, and will be avidly following! I am rediscovering sewing clothing, and having a great time!

      1. Oh No! you’re right! I’ve made a note of all the feet names on the back of the box, so I’ll edit the post with the names, but Hazel did have links to videos and all sorts of other information…I will see what I can do!

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