How Many Feet Does One Girl Need?

32 New Sewing Machine Feet

As I discussed, I recently discovered that I wasn’t the owner of an invisible zip foot. I decided that the purple skirt was going to have a properly invisible zip, so I resolved that progress on the skirt was going to stop until I had said foot. Having a brother machine, my first step was to search online for a brother invisible zip foot. Finding this foot at approximately £12 I was hovering over the “buy” button, when I spotted a set of 32 presser feet, including an invisible zip foot for approximately the same price.

OK, so it’s coming from China, but surely I could wait a few weeks and work on another project? (see previous post about having purchased some pink wool material for a similar skirt, plus other projects that I will tell you about later.) Well, to cut a long story short, I decided to buy the set of feet, working on the theory that I would eventually work out what they’re all for, eventually. I had read that the feet were labelled in Mandarin, and I’m afraid my Mandarin is somewhat rusty (OK, so it’s non-existent if you’re being picky) and so working out what they’re all for would be something of a challenge.
A couple of weeks later, and this little beauty arrived through the post for me.

32 New Sewing Machine Feet
32 New Toys 🙂

Following on from Joy’s comment (below) here is a list of the names of all the feet. I’m starting at the top left:

Column 1:

Low shank darning foot; Adjustable bias binding foot; Darning foot; Low shank zipper foot; Knit foot

Column 2:

Blind stitch / Blind hem foot; Gathering foot; 2mm Rolled hem foot; 4mm Rolled hem foot; 6mm Rolled hem foot; Roller foot

Column 3:

Straight stitch foot; 1/4 inch Quilting foot; Overcasting / Overlocking foot; Satin stitch foot; 5 hole Cording foot; Edge / Stitch-in-the-ditch foot; Stitch guide foot

Column 4:

7 hole Cording foot; 8mm Rolled hem foot; Teflon foot; Clear open-toe / Clear embroidery foot; Open-toe / Embroidery foot; 3 hole Cording foot; Quilting foot

Column 5:

Fringe foot; Double welting foot; Braiding foot, Pearl / Piping / Cording foot; 9 groove Pintuck foot; 7 groove Pintuck foot, Invisible zipper / Concealed zip foot.

I progressed with the invisible zip, and investigated the purpose of the others. I found out the purpose of all of these feet from here – thank you Hazel, you have really helped me out! Names of feet added above as Hazel’s site is currently unavailable.

In the space of that one purple skirt I used the invisible zip foot, the double welting foot, and the stitch-in-the-ditch foot, so all in all, the set has paid for itself already! I’m not sure where or how I’m going to use all of these feet, but if I ever get to the stage where I have no projects planned, I am hoping to try each one out, and have a play. As and when I get around to trying these out, I will let you know how I got on. Oh wow, I’m so excited about these! I’m particularly excited about the gathering foot, the rolled hem feet, the cording feet and the fringing foot

A selection of new feet
Knit foot, Roller foot, Fringing foot, Gathering foot, Rolled hem foot and Pintuck foot

– I never even knew these existed! Do you have any tips for using these new exotic feet? Do you wonder how you ever lived without them?