Perfectly Aligned Slots in Presser Foot and Needle Plate with a Nicely Centred Needle

Well, as I said, my sewing machine wasn’t functioning quite as it should have been. I managed to speak to a very helpful engineer at the manufacturers, who talked me through how to diagnose and then fix the problem, all for the cost of a 20 minute phone call. It’s only when you realise that your sewing machine isn’t working properly that you realise how much it means to you – I had visions of it costing a lot to get fixed, then having to make the decision of whether to buy a new machine or suck up the repair cost. What a relief to find that I didn’t need to make that decision. Continue reading

Battered Needle Plate

Can you see the problem? You can, can’t you – it’s just me, that’s been using this machine possibly for years with this issue that didn’t notice it!

I was recently pampering my sewing machine by giving it its annual (ahem) deep clean, and I noticed that the needle has been hitting the needle plate occasionally – it’s not been hitting at the side (which would be due to say using a twin needle in the left hand needle position rather than the centre needle position) it’s actually that the needle seems to be too far back (or the needle plate and possibly bobbin case are too far forward).
I have searched online for solutions to this problem, but so far to no avail. As such, I have contacted the manufacturer in the hope that this can be fixed. Unfortunately I found this issue on a Saturday evening, on a Bank holiday weekend; hence I haven’t been able to actually sew anything. So, you’re asking, what is there to write about on a sewing blog if I haven’t been able to sew? Continue reading

32 New Sewing Machine Feet

As I discussed, I recently discovered that I wasn’t the owner of an invisible zip foot. I decided that the purple skirt was going to have a properly invisible zip, so I resolved that progress on the skirt was going to stop until I had said foot. Having a brother machine, my first step was to search online for a brother invisible zip foot. Finding this foot at approximately £12 I was hovering over the “buy” button, when I spotted a set of 32 presser feet, including an invisible zip foot for approximately the same price.Continue reading